The Monument Valley Park reopened July 08, 2021.

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4x4 Vehicle Tours of Monument Valley

We are a premier Navajo owned 4X4 vehicle tour company in Monument Valley.
Our experienced Navajo guides will take you to the many sides of our area, through valleys of red-orange sandstone monoliths carved by mother nature over millions of years. 
Visit places that few have seen with their own senses, and explore the history and heritage of Monument Valley and its Navajo people.

Japanese Tour Group Photo Monument Valley
Featured in many magazines, movies, and commercials.
Ear of The Wind framed by a dead tree
Treat your senses to the great southwestern landscape.
Ancient Anasazi Art
Visit the land where time seems to almost stand still.

If you have plans that don't fit our departure times, give us a call at:

 Office: (435) 727-3312

or email us:

Due to high reservation demand and new Navajo Nation COVID-19 obligations, rates and departure times listed on this website may change without notice.

If you have paid, and have a booked tour made with this website, your reservation time and rate will remain the same once confirmed.

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