Our Family Name

Our family name was originally pronounced "Tó łizhin" in our native Navajo language. 

There are several theories about where our Navajo name may have come from.

A deep pool of water that appeared to be black, or it maybe came from an excerpt of the Navajo creation mythology.

"Tó" meaning "water", and "łizhin", meaning the color "black".

In the late 1940's our relatives entered the United States government schooling system (boarding schools) and U.S. Military, our name could not be pronounced effectively in English, thus our name was translated and recorded "Blackwater".








Our Tour Company

Established in June 2005.  Our family decided to show the world Monument Valley, along side other Navajo operators here in the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

We would like to invite you to visit one of the Navajo Nation's many scenic areas, and also one of the Southwest United State's scenic wonders besides the; Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zions National Park.

Using our unique open 12 passenger trucks or enclosed 7 passenger SUV vehicles, our Navajo guides will take you up-close to towering sandstone cliffs, valleys, and arches carved out by nature over millions of years.

Visit the many locations of rock art, made by the ancient Anasazi peoples over 1000 years ago.

Walk up to or under large arches, see the orange sand dunes shaped by winds, and witness huge sandstone structures as they tower into the sky.  Experience the peacefulness in most areas where sounds made by man seems to be nonexistent.

While on tour, we too experience the many cultures of the world from our guests, we in turn do the same, we will show you our culture and history to take with you to your part of the world to share.

We welcome you to Monument Valley!

Ya' ah' teeh'! (Welcome!)

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