COVID-19 & The Navajo Nation & Blackwater Tours Mitigation and Re-opening Plan

The Navajo Nation government had closed the parks on March 13, 2020 without warning due to the COVID-19 outbreak on the Navajo Nation.  On June 25, 2021 The Navajo Nation Council and President held an emergency meeting and finally agreed on a 50% re-opening of all tourist and visitor areas within the Navajo Nation.

Our tour company will be obligated to follow all; U.S. CDC, Navajo Nation Department of Health and Navajo Nation Dept. of Park & Recreation; rules, regulations, policies or orders issued for safe operation during this time.


 Before we start the tour:

- Masks will be worn at all times during the tour and while on Navajo Nation property.

- A (No touch) temperature check will be recorded by our tour coordinator.
- If you feel ill in anyway, we will cancel the reserved tour upon arrival.

- Contact information will be asked of you by our tour coordinator.  If you have received vaccination and hold a vaccination card please present it to our tour coordinator before departure.

Our PDF reopening plan presented to the Navajo Nation Department of Economic Development: