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 Tours of Monument Valley & Mystery Valley U.S.A.
Monument Valley is the hot spot for authentic western scenes in movies and photos that have been distributed worldwide.

Other areas around Monument Valley, such as Mystery Valley have been explored by many that seek further wonders of the southwest in person.

Many of the locations that exist in Monument Valley and Mystery Valley can only be seen in television documentaries and other forms of media that have taken tours with the Navajo guides and tour companies of Monument Valley.

We invite you to see this wondrous place in person and discover it yourself with your own senses.

Daylight Savings Time
The time zones around the Monument Valley
area are confusing to some.

Daylight Savings Time will start again:
Sunday, March 08, 2018

Daylight Savings Time has ended:
Sunday, November 04, 2018

Right now we are the same time as areas listed below.
Flagstaff, Arizona
Page, Arizona
Grand Canyon, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona

***Our rates may change January 01, 2020.***
Any tour reservations made before this time will remain at the same rate as what was booked before the new year.

Upon Entry to Monument Valley Tribal Park

 Monument Valley Tribal Park is NOT a U.S. National Park.
U.S. National Park passes or discount cards of any kind are NOT accepted.

On National Holidays, Monument Valley Tribal park is closed, but access to the visitor center is open.  All valley drives are closed until the park reopens the next business day.

Come and join us for a breathtaking tour of one of the southwest's scenic wonders! 

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Check out the area!
Page, Arizona
Ken's Guided Tour - Lower Antelope Canyon
Notes: Tour of lower antelope canyon does not need tour company's vehicle for tour, walk-in.  Slightly longer and more to see than upper canyon.
Light climbing required, steep stairs and ladders.
(928) 606-2168

Chinle, Arizona

Canyon De Chelly Tours - Leon Skyhorse Thomas
Notes: Tour canyon De Chelly in an SUV.  Length of tours upon calling this company.
(928) 349-1600


There are fast food joints, but we recommend these restaurants if you want to try something different.
There are:
5 chain fast food restaurants in Kayenta, Arizona.
1 take-out Chinese cuisine restaurant.
1 Family-Style Mexican restaurant.
**These have not been featured because we do not have permission.**
Featured and recommended:
Blue Coffee Pot Restaurant - Kayenta, Arizona
Notes: Accepts Cash & Credit Cards.
Family-Style restaurant.
American and Navajo entrees.
Service maybe slow at lunch hour on weekdays
Large Bus Groups Welcomed.
Seats: 80 persons

Try the Navajo Tacos or Navajo Sandwiches!

Pizza Edge - Kayenta, Arizona
Notes: Accepts Cash & Credit Cards
Handmade pizza, sandwiches, buffalo wings, assorted ice cream, curley fries, calzones, salads.
Seats: 80 persons
To order ahead of time call: 15-20 minutes per order,
requires name and phone number.
Or use thier website to order.

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